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Depressive black and white blog. Could be triggering. I do not glamourize eating disorders, depression and self harm in any form. Please talk to me if you ever need an ear to talk to. I'll listen and I'll take care of you. Stay strong.


There’s always gonna be that one person that you can’t get out of your mind no matter how hard you try.

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does anyone get really mad when other people try to tell your pets what to do

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1. I don’t like folding laundry or talking about my emotions. I’m likely to leave both scattered all over.
2. I’m not much for cooking but there will always be coffee.
3. I’ll wear anything of yours with sleeves. I love when they’re long enough to wrap around my hands.
4. Sometimes the world is too harsh, too big. It’s hard to leave the house on days like those.
5. When I was sick as a kid my mom would run a bath for me and wash my hair. It was always so soothing. Maybe you could do that every once in a while.
6. I find it difficult to finish most things. My room is home to countless journals of incomplete thoughts.
7. I won’t love you any less in December. I think my heart just wasn’t meant for the cold.
8. I never truly know why I’m crying so don’t bother to ask, simply be there.
9. There’s whiskey in the medicine cabinet.
10. If things get terribly bad, please don’t give up. Get me in the car and drive to the sea. The waves beneath my toes will wake me up and I’ll be yours again. - Things to know before promising you’ll stay (via fraggybird)

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how did you go from cute to annoying so fast

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there’s this thing u should try it’s called stop ignoring me

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hi i’m new give me an essential blog to follow

been following distraction since day 1


omg he followed me back this is the greatest day of my life

haha aw i always follow back

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I have this letter from the president of the universe and it says every superhero is queer

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